Discussing Hospice with a Loved One

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It’s no secret that it is extremely difficult to discuss the end of one’s life with someone who has been fighting an illness. We always want to protect our loved ones from challenging and difficult times, and for that reason, even suggesting something such as hospice care may make a family member feel guilty for not providing care to the person him or herself. However, by suggesting this powerful helping arrangement, which is known as hospice care, you are allowing your loved one to have the best possible quality of life caring performed for the end of the person’s life.

Starting the Conversation for Hospice Care

It will be important that you choose the right emotional and physical space for entering into this difficult conversation and discussion of end of life care. Start by talking about the person’s overall current health condition and confirm if the individual is beginning to start declining in health. Discuss whether there are treatment options available and if the person wants to try these treatment options. Talk in detail about what kind of quality life these treatments would bring the individual, and if there are reasonable expectations as to whether the person can recover from this illness (or not).

Suggesting Hospice Care as a Care Option

From the current discussion, it is appropriate to bring up the benefits of what hospice care is and what it can do for your loved one. For someone who is in pain or sick, visiting the hospital or doctors on the rotation of multiple times a week can be difficult. However, with hospice care, these individuals can receive high quality care right from their home. Also, these patients can have caregivers to come into the home daily to help manage symptoms, which will keep the patient more comfortable overall.

Ultimately, taking time to face the responsibility of making decisions regarding the last months of a loved one’s life is important. This doesn’t mean the person suffering a terminal illness has to stop living. Instead, the person can live on their own terms in their own space in a more comfortable way. While having a conversation about hospice care is difficult, your loved one will thank you for considering their end of life challenges, and probably will be receptive to beginning this important care solution which will benefit the entire family.

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