Why Most Patients Prefer Hospice care at home

Nurse helping to senior man walking at home, recovering after injury

When patients are at the final stages of their lives, they likely want to stay close to family and friends in a familiar environment. This is why most patients and their families prefer hospice care at home. Patients who live in nursing homes or other forms of assisted living can also get hospice care in those areas. Hospice care at home can vary depending on the patient’s needs and may either be continuous or routine home hospice care.

Routine Hospice Care

When the patients’ pain and symptoms are controlled, they are better suited for routine home hospice care. The patient is assigned a nurse who makes multiple visits in a week to the patient’s home to monitor their condition and administer medication. The patient also has access to spiritual coordinators and social workers to help in other aspects of hospice care. In case of emergencies, the caregivers call the hospice care facility, who then make arrangements for 911 services if need be.

Continuous Homecare

In this type of hospice care at home, the nurse stays in the patient’s home and offers 24/7 care to the patient. This occurs when the patient experiences severe pain and other symptoms like difficulty breathing. In case the condition of the patient deteriorates, then the physician or nurse may advise the patient and their family to take in the patient for inpatient hospice care.

The Primary Caregiver at Hospice Care at Home

Who offers care to the patient in hospice care at home? The primary caregiver for in-house hospice care is usually a family member or a close friend. The caregiver works closely with the hospice medical team in developing a care plan that would address the patient’s needs. They are also responsible for making important decision for the patient and keeping the patient’s medical records. For the patient who lives in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities, the primary caregiver is the hospice team. Suppose no family member is available, the caregiver will make decisions on the hospice care on behalf of the patient and talk to an insurance company on the treatment.

Cost of Hospice Care at Home

For routine hospice care in the first 60 days, the home care costs $199 per day. After 6o days, the cost is lowered to $157 per day. The rate is different for continuous hospice care at home depending on the hospice care facility. The payment covers the nursing care of a registered nurse for eight hours or more per day. Hospice costs also include the expenses for respite care, which differ depending on the hospice care facility.

A Compassionate and Caring Team

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