Services Offered in Home Hospice Care

Doctor taking medical insurance card from patient

At the final stage of life, most terminally ill patients prefer staying at home close to family and friends. This provides more comfort to the patient since they are in a familiar environment. Hospice care is designed to provide care to the patient where they are most comfortable, including at the comfort of their homes.

What Is Home Hospice Care?

Hospice home care is comfort care provides to terminally ill patients at the comfort of their homes. Hospice home care can be quite challenging, but the process is eased with the best hospice facility like Ameriprime. Most, if not all, patients’ families at the facility testify that Ameriprime home hospice care was positive feedback.

Doctors Consultations and Nursing Care

When patients are registered in a hospice care facility, they are assigned a qualified nursing team and a primary physician to determine the best medical care to administer. If a patient opts for home hospice care, the nurse assigned to the patient makes routine visits multiple times a week. Where the nurse monitors the condition of the patient and administers medical care. The patient also has 24/7 access on call to physicians. Hospice facilities also offer medical supplies and prescription drugs.

Respite Care

The primary caregiver in hospice homecare is normally close relatives and friends. Ameriprime understands the caregivers’ challenges; thus, they offer respite care. Respite care gives caregivers time to relax and recharge while the patient is under the care of the hospice facility. This can be for a day or a couple of days in the patient’s home, health care facility, or at a nursing home.

Bereavement Support

Bereavement care is an important part of hospice care which offers emotional support to families of the patient before and after death. Bereavement care depends on the bereaved. The support includes counseling, practical advice, and information to help the family cope with the loss. Bereavement support can last up to one year after the patient’s death. Ameriprime provides bereavement coordinators to help the family as they grieve.

A Compassionate and Caring Team

Although hospice care facilities offer routine nursing care, the primary caregiver is normally a family member. Therefore, the caregiver needs to be committed to taking care of the patient. Ameriprime will provide the support you need in providing hospice care to your loved ones at home. Are you in Dallas, Richardson, Carrolton, Garland, and surrounding TX communities? Don’t hesitate to contact us at (972) 787-0949 or on the contact form on our website to learn more about Ameriprime hospice care.

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Doctor taking medical insurance card from patient

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