How to Discuss difficult topics with family members

upset about the loss of a loved one made better from our staff

Increasing with the passage of the time, every life has an end. Death is a reality which no one can deny but most of us do not want to talk about death. Periodically we hear news about the death of some family members, famous people and friends and we still do not relate it to us. We do not want to think about our own or immediate family member’s deaths. Let us consider some consequences of the unexpected death of someone close to us.


  1. Emotional Stress
  2. The distribution of assets
  3. Questions about preferences for burial or disposal of bodies
  4. Crisis of Liabilities
  5. Crisis of unresolved conflicts
  6. Crisis of Guardianships


A person who dies leaves  family members in emotional stress, which takes time to heal up. If we make death a common topic of discussion with family members, it will be less stressful for them to face such an event.

Assets may include real estate, investments, insurance, business and many others. It is always recommended to write a living will to state distribution and disposal of all assets.

Advanced directives include living will and medical power of attorney. In the living will a person defines what treatment client would or would not receive in case of a medical crisis. A medical power of attorney involves the designation of a person to act on the client’s behalf if the client is not able to communicate due to the medical crisis.

Most people in Dallas/ Fort-Worth believe that they should talk about the end-of-life care but only small percentage have a documented living will and medical power of attorney. Many will never talk to their doctor or attorney about end of life planning. Rather that be an uncomfortable situation, discussing the end of life and making preparations can make people feel more empowered, calm and confident when facing their end of life stage in life.

To help discuss difficult topics with family members and caregivers, we’ve created a Planning your Life’s Journey Toolkit.

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