Hospice Services-The Comprehensive Guide

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In research conducted in 2016 by the US centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), more than 4,300 hospice care agencies were serving almost 1.5 million patients in the United States. The number has increased over the years, with more patients and families opting for hospice care in the final days of their lives. When a patient with a terminal illness has less than six months to live, they may prefer seeking comfort and peace of mind other than continuing curative treatment. Hospice care is the best way to provide comfort, dignity, and peace of mind in the final stages of their life. Hospice care involves different services that cater to the needs of the patients. These hospice services include:

  • Residential Hospice Care. Hospice care offers medical care in a building dedicated to hospice care or a hospital. Hospice facilities have the required equipment and personnel to control the patient’s health. Residential hospice care is most often opted for when the patient experiences severe pain and other symptoms. The main aim of residential care is to control severe pain and pains so that the patient can resume hospice care at home. Ameriprime hospice has the best facility that ensures your loved one feels comfortable and cared for. Visitation hours in the facility are relaxed.
  • Hospice Care at Home. Most terminally ill patients want to be close to family and friends during their last days. Being in a familiar environment helps the patient be comfortable and at peace at the end of their life. Hospice care can be provided to the patient in the comfort of their homes or nursing homes. This is through routine visits where a nurse makes multiple visits in a week to monitor the condition of the patient and administer medication. Hospice home care can also be continuous where the nurse stays in the patient’s home when the patient is experiencing severe pain and other symptoms. If the patient’s condition worsens, the nurse or physician may recommend residential hospice care.
  • Respite Care. Hospice care also includes respite care; where the caregivers are given time off to relax as the patient is in the care of the hospice care team. This can be for an afternoon or several days, depending on the preference of the family. Ameriprime understands that taking care of a loved one in their final days can be very challenging; thus, they provide respite care on an occasional basis. The medical personnel at the facility are well trained to take care of the patient round the clock during respite care.

A Compassionate and Caring Team

The aim of Ameriprime in providing hospice services is to ensure your loved one is comfortable and at peace during the final stage of their life. In each form of hospice care, we make sure the patient receives the best medical care possible. Our team of qualified medical personnel, including physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, and counseling, will ensure your loved ones’ final days are comfortable and peaceful. If you are in Dallas, Richardson, Carrolton, Garland, and surrounding TX communities and want to learn more about our hospice care, contact us at (972) 787-0949 or on the contact form on our website  to explore the services we offer.

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