Hospice Care in Richardson: In Home Health Care Expectations

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According to a Health Care study by Dartmouth Atlas, more than 80% of patients with a terminal disease say they want to avoid intensive care and hospitalization when they are dying.

Despite this, more studies show that only 25% of Americans die at home.

While cultural norms have a hand in this, many families are not aware that hospice can provide any level of care needed in the home.

Many people often ask our hospice care in Richardson, “Is Hospice a Place? Is it a service, or what is it?”

In all, knowing what to expect from an in-home hospice care service is essential. It will give the needed peace of mind to families who want to honor the wish of their loved ones to remain at home, even in their last days of life.

In-Home Hospice Care – Is Hospice Care A Place?

Hospice care is not a place. It is a service. It is a service that brings physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual care and support to hospice patients, no matter where they call home.

Home could either be their family home, nursing home, or an assisted living facility.

Families should consider and honor their loved one’s end-of-life wishes as they explore what to expect in in-patient hospice care or at-home hospice care. In-patient beds can be arranged for patients who need it, but a patient should be made to remain in their primary residence if they prefer this.

Hospice Care In Richardson – What To Expect From In-Home Hospice

When a patient is referred to Ameriprime hospice by a physician or family member, it is understood that time is of the essence. Hence, the hospice team arranges for an admissions nurse or social worker to meet with the family as soon as possible.

This consultation with the Ameriprime hospice care team can happen in the location chosen by the family.

It could either be in their home, a hospital, or a convenient public location (like their local coffee shop or an office).

During this first meeting, the hospice care team will explain the full benefits of hospice. Then Anyone can complete admission to Ameriprime Hospice at any time.

Afterward, the hospice team will assess patient and family needs and set up a care plan. This plan will detail everything the family members can expect from the hospice home care.

The things to expect are the needed medical supplies like hospital beds, incontinence supplies, wheelchairs, etc.

These needed items will be delivered to the home. Similarly, all prescriptions related to comfort and pain management will also be covered by the hospice benefit.

Also, over the first few days, the hospice care team (including nurses, aides, a social worker, and chaplain) will visit the family. In the process, I will discuss with the family a schedule of routine nursing visits.

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When It’s Last days In Hospice – What To Expect 

When a patient starts to show symptoms that their final days are near, Ameriprime Hospice care increases the level of home visits. With this, Ameriprime Hospice will appropriately meet the needs of the patient and their families.

As the patient declines more, continuous round-the-clock free hospice care in the patient’s home is activated. The hospice team will stay with the patient and family, providing an extra bit of care needed.

Once the patient passes, the hospice team will assist with the paperwork and final details, providing bereavement support to the family.

Selecting a Hospice Care Company in Dallas County

However, selecting a hospice provider which is fit to meet the needs of a hospice patient is crucial. Ameriprime Hospice Care in Richardson is highly ranked. It is a good option in dealing with the final days of life care. Its services are available day in day out to admit patients, provide care, and answer questions. For urgency purposes, a team of on-call staff is available to assist families in whatever support is needed. Click here to book a call with one of our knowledgeable representatives who can answer all of your questions at no cost to you.


While picking a hospice provider, it’s essential to think about the real needs of the patients. Getting into a hospice program may be a strict selection both for the patient in question and their loved ones.

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