Compassionate Hospice Care

When to Choose Hospice Care as a Care Option

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Hospice professionals specialize in end-of-life care and can help patients and their families during the first stages of a diagnosed terminal illness. Understanding how someone qualifies for hospice care helps you to better understand the process ahead and will make it easier for you to decide to use hospice care options when the time comes to care for a terminally ill loved one.


There is no age requirement for the use of hospice care. Anyone with a life expectancy of fewer than six months is eligible to use hospice care. Also, the patient must elect to forego any further treatment that can prolong the person’s life. Comfort care is provided in lieu of chemotherapy or radiation, such as in the case of a patient with a diagnosis of terminal cancer. These hospice care services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance providers. Hospice can begin when anyone refers someone to hospice care, there is no limit to when hospice care can start. Once a formal request is made for hospice care services to begin, it usually starts in just a day or two after the initial request and arrangements can be made to set up the care for going forward.

Care Services

Hospice aims to help a family to help navigate the patient’s end-of-life situation in the best way possible. A care team is assigned to each patient that can include a social worker, chaplain, physician, nurse, and other care personnel. Each team member focuses on the person’s individual needs, and their goal is to make sure that all goals of the patient are met during these final moments of care.

Addressing pain is important to the care management plan of a patient in hospice care. This is why hospice care begins as quickly and as soon as someone is ready to start this type of specialized care. Hospice care services hope to increase a patient’s quality of life during their last few months of life. The goal of hospice care is to support patients and their families while providing everything needed to help keep a patient as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

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