What It Means to Participate in a Hospice Care Plan

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Hospice care is a specialized form of health care that is designed to serve those who are dealing with a terminal illness. The goal of hospice care is to improve the quality of life of a patient who is terminally ill, by making each day a more comfortable and positive experience. Hospice care is individualized care that is tailored to meet the needs of each unique patient. Easing the anxiety of the patient, relieving pain, and giving support and comfort to the patient’s loved ones are all a part of the hospice care regimen of care.

Where Hospice Care Can Be Delivered

Hospice care is a set of services that can be delivered in a variety of locations. While many people think that hospice is a “place” or location, it is not. Hospice care can be given in the patient’s home, in an assisted living facility or senior apartment, in an independent living facility or in a hospital. The place where hospice care is delivered may vary according to the patient’s condition, needs, and preferences, and during the time that he receives hospice care, a patient may use one or all of these locations. However, the goals of the care are always the same; to provide support and comfort during the patient’s final days.

Types of Hospice Care Services

There is a wide range of services which are related to the utilization of hospice care. Hospice caregivers can make regular home visits during which they assess the patient’s condition and provide counseling and spiritual support. Hospice personnel can also help with the need for specialized medical equipment, like shower chairs, walkers, wheelchairs and specialized mattresses. Hospice personnel are also trained in pain management for a variety of conditions, from cancer to respiratory disorders such as COPD. They can help with pain medication refills and dosing adjustments for the management of pain control for the patient. Medical social workers also participate in hospice care to coordinate transfers from facility to home when necessary.

Learn More About Hospice Care Today

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