Compassionate Hospice Care

We provide quality services and support

Our goal is to provide quality service and compassionate care to face life’s final stages with dignity and grace. Ameriprime Hospice  provides Medicare benefit coverage that caters to the needs of the patients receiving hospice care without deductions or co-payments. The four levels of care under the hospice program include:

  • Routine Home care: Patient receives hospice service in their own residence or in a facility. This is considered the basic level of care to provide and maintain patient’s needs.
  • Continuous care: 24-hour skilled nursing hospice care temporarily or for a short period of time during a crisis.
  • General inpatient care: The patient is transferred to a contracted facility (i.e. Inpatient Skilled Nursing unit)that would provide round-the-clock hospice care during crisis.
  • Respite Care: The patient is transferred to a contracted facility to give caregiver or family members a short break whenever necessary, usually is covered up to 5 days per respite episode.

Compassionate care with a giving a heart

Hospice offers hope for a soothing and comforting atmosphere for the end-of-life experience. We take care of the medical and physical tasks, so your loved ones are free to give you the time, attention and kindness you deserve.

We help with daily living activities:

  • Pain and symptom management
  • Bathing, dressing, makeup and hair
  • Cleanliness and order
  • Reading to a patient, listening or holding their hand
  • Filling out, notarizing and filing hospice-related paperwork
  • Help with communication devices to connect with family
"The nurse was absolutely an angel!” William H.

Comfort and relief from medical professionals

Avoid costly ER visits or hospitalization — we work with you in the convenience of your home to administer medical care and relieve your pain and suffering. Our licensed physicians, registered nurses, social workers and chaplains will work with you and your family to relieve pain and suffering and offer comfort and peace.

We deliver pain relief medication, medical equipment and supplies

  • Physician directed services

  • Certified registered nurses

  • In home labs and X-rays

  • Prescription refills delivered 24/7

  • Portable oxygen tanks

  • Hospital beds and wheelchairs

  • Fall mats and medical alarms

  • Incontinent supplies and bed pads
“My mom’s prescriptions are delivered to the house and refills are just a text and 24 hours away.” Tim K.

Emotional support

This can be a challenging and emotional time for you and your loved ones. We feel it is essential to provide holistic physical, spiritual and social support to free caregivers and family members to focus on building cherished moments with their loved ones. Attuned to family dynamics, our helpful staff is trained to provide loving care to every member of your family.

We offer personalized care based on your preferences and wishes:

  • Family support from social workers
  • Spiritual support and guidance
  • Last rights or rituals according to your wishes
  • Resources for bereavement services

Covid-19 Protection

 You never have to be alone …

This challenging time has changed how we approach life and end-of-life care. Many of us are unable to be with our families at the time we need it most. But that doesn’t mean you have to be alone.

Ameriprime Hospice is here for your physical and emotional support and will help you and your loved ones through this trying time as much as possible.

Safety Precautions

  • Our staff is tested for COVID-19 after possible exposure to ensure the safety of our patients.

  • We will keep you clean, safe and comfortable
  • Our hospice care nurses are equipped with protective equipment
  • We will take your temperature and monitor your symptoms
  • We will provide you and visitors with PPE and free Covid-19 testing
  • We will assist you with communication devices to connect with your family
  • We follow all protocols outlined by the Federal and State Governments, CDC, CMS and local health departments