Hospice patients who prefer to die at home

full hospice staff available at all times for patients

A hospice patient has the right to receive care in the place he prefers to end his life’s journey. One of the common situations is choosing the place of death. Some patients want to die at home while others choose an inpatient facility.

Many patients want relatives and friends around when they are near death. This helps them to release stress and gain the courage to face death with the support of their loved ones.

A comfortable environment is also an important preference of the hospice patient. Family members,  Caregivers and the objects in the surroundings make an environment a pleasant atmosphere for the end of life experience. Patients feel more comfortable in the environment they are familiar with and where they feel safe and secure. .

Patients also look for individualized experiences as everyone perceives death differently. It is good if we find out how a patient thinks about death and what can make death more satisfying and comfortable. Personalized care can include food, dressing and activities. Preferences like music, special passages being read, views from the bed out on open window or having a favorite animal nearby can help make a person feel more comfortable. 

To explore your end of life wishes, download our Planning Your Life’s Journey Toolkit and let your preferences be known.

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