Location Options for Providing Hospice Care Services

man gets helped up the stairs by friendly nurse

Hospice services can be provided at the patient’s home, an assisted living center, or nursing home. Hospice care is designed to be non-institutional, but hospice in collaboration with the institution can help provide hospice care in the institution.

The ideal setting for hospice care is the patient’s home, as it gives more security and safe feelings for the patient. It is easy for family members to stay with the patient when hospice care is provided at the patient’s home. The home setting is sometimes not a good option for the family members as they do not want to associate death with the home as it leaves some unpleasant memories.

The Institutional setting, like the hospital, assisted living, nursing home and Inpatient hospice have some advantages like availability of all kinds of resources. Family members do not need to worry about their presence and providing associated resources to live in the home.

In each situation, it is the social worker’s responsibility to check the patient’s and family member’s preferences about their choices of location and provide the best service.

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