Improving the Mental Health of a Hospice Patient

lady grieving about lost family member

The absence of psychiatric disorders or traits. It can be influenced by biological, environmental, emotional and cultural factors. This term is highly variable in definition, depending on time and place.

Services related to the mental health

Comprehensive  mental  health  services,  as generally defined under some national (or state) laws and statutes, include: inpatient care, outpatient  care,  day  care  and  other  partial  hospitalization  and  emergency services;  specialized  services  for  the mental  health  of  the elderly;  consultation and education services and specialized programmes for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol and drug abusers.  They generally include a variety of services provided to people  of all ages, including counseling,  psychotherapy, psychiatric services, crisis intervention and support groups.   Issues addressed include depression, grief, anxiety, and stress, as well as severe mental illnesses.

Mental Illness

All forms of illness in which psychological, emotional or behavioral disturbances are the dominating feature.    The term is relative  and variable in different cultures, schools of thought and definitions.  It includes a wide range of types and severities.

Mental Impairment

A disorder characterized by the display of an intellectual defect, as manifested by diminished cognitive, interpersonal, social and vocational effectiveness and quantitatively evaluated by psychological examination and assessment.

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