Compassionate Hospice Care

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Hospice Care

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Hospice care can be provided on either an inpatient or outpatient basis. If you have a loved one who needs hospice care, the first aspect of the individual’s care that you must understand is what level of care the person needs, and whether inpatient or outpatient hospice care will benefit the person the most. No matter the type of care, Medicare, Medicaid and other private insurance providers typically cover these supportive care services.

Outpatient Basic Home Care

If a patient needs basic services, meaning that the patient just needs help with personal hygiene, medication management and symptom management and maybe wound dressing changes, typically in those cases, outpatient hospice care will suffice. This person doesn’t need someone around the clock, in order that the person can live comfortably at home.

Continuous Home Care

Once someone needs more care, usually at the end of their illness, these patients may opt for outpatient hospice care too. Generally, at this time of someone’s illness, the person will want to stay in familiar surroundings with their loved ones.

General Inpatient Care

When a loved one’s symptoms are severe enough, the patient cannot be managed at home. This means that they most likely will need to participate in inpatient hospice care. This allows medical professionals to be by the patient’s side around the clock, to provide the care assistance necessary to properly meet the patient’s medical needs. Counselors are available to help these patients nearing the end of their life to process their feelings related to dying.

Respite Care

The last level of hospice care and the most intensive is respite care. This is meant to relieve loved one and those of the care team that need it that most. Respite care providers can come and help any time of the day, whether in the home or an inpatient hospice care facility.

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