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How to visit terminally ill loved one

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Everyone must face death one day. Visiting terminally ill patient is important as it
helps to relief patient and family members.

Visiting terminally ill patient also benefits you in many ways. It gives an opportunity to fulfill your responsibility towards society, teach yourself many lessons about the way how we perceive the life and feel good by showing your love to someone in pain.

You can also imagine one day you might be in the same place and try to feel the emotions of the patient. This will help you to face the reality of death.

You can also benefit from this opportunity by comparing your life to the ultimate end of your life. It is an opportunity to rethink what you are doing and what is the purpose of your life. Is your life only for your or it has some meaningful purpose.

You should always keep the elements of empathy, respect, forgiveness and lesson learning when you visit someone terminally ill to make your visit valuable.