How mindfulness can bring peace to hospice patients

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How mindfulness redefines pain, depression, anxiety, and satisfaction in Hospice patients


We are born in different environments, conditions, and opportunities in life. The experience of every individual is different from others. From our understanding, we can consider education, wealth, family life, friends, legacy as different achievements of life. We associate our happiness with these achievements and spend time worrying about how to achieve them. We are only happy for a short period of time after every achievement and most of our life we are worried about seeking achievement to be happy.

Mindfulness is observing yourself in the present with intention, compassion, gratefulness and without judgment. If we train our brain to observe ourselves in the present and start realizing the blessings we have, we can easily tolerate daily challenges, stresses, pains, and problems of life.

Dying patients face some common challenges, which are pain, depression hopelessness. These problems can easily be handled with the help of mindfulness. Daily 30 minutes of meditation When we should not have any regrets about the past and worries about facing death, be with our present and pay attention to another day of our life, remove all negative thoughts from our mind, wishing well for everyone and be grateful to your God.

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Daily meditation with mindfulness can help the dying patient to enjoy every day of the end-of-life phase, help to reduce pain, worries, and depression problems. It helps to be happy and satisfied with the existing situation. We all must die one day but we do not train ourselves for that phase which is the reality and greatest truth of life.


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