Hospice Does Not Mean Giving Up on Life

The last months of life are a special time that can be lived with joy and dignity, and hospice care can help it go more smoothly. Learning more about hospice care can be very beneficial when either you or a loved one are dealing with a terminal illness.

Talking about hospice care is a wise decision that can be part of anyone’s estate or final healthcare planning. But before making any decisions, it’s important to understand what hospice care does and does not do to assist in the care of a loved one in the final days of life.

Hospice Helps People Embrace the Final Days of Life

When some people think about hospice care, they believe that accepting this care means the patient has given up all hope of recovery or of living longer than a few months. They see it as a way of masking the last part of life with strong medications or sedatives and giving up all control to a doctor or a set of caregivers. However, even though pain relief with medication can be an important part of hospice care, there is much more.

Hospice care can be a wonderful time of letting go of the rigid expectations of life, during which a patient can just enjoy each day that remains.

Hospice Seeks to Improve the Quality of Life

Hospice care focuses on making the last days of life  comfortable and pleasant. It is not focused on aggressive treatments like chemotherapy or invasive surgery but is instead about improving the quality of life during the final days.

Most of the care is delivered at home, in a familiar setting where the patient usually feels the most comfortable. However, a patient may be transferred to a facility for inpatient care during times when his condition deteriorates if need be. The delivery of hospice care includes the patient and his loved ones, and hospice care professionals offer compassion and support to everyone involved in the care of a terminally ill patient to manage the patient’s daily care.

Learn More About Hospice Care Today

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