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There may come a time in your life when either you or a loved one are facing a serious terminal illness, where this can be a difficult time to cope with the end-of-life care decisions that come with this type of illness. We understand that you may want to learn more about a type of specialized care, whose goal is to make the final months or weeks of life a more comfortable and peaceful time. This care is called hospice care, and it involves a professional team of caregivers who are trained to manage pain, give emotional and spiritual support, and handle the issues that arise with caring for a person with a terminal illness. This type of care is usually delivered in the individual’s home, but can also be given in an inpatient facility when necessary. Compassionate hospice services are designed to improve the quality of life of terminally ill patients and allow that person the dignity to make final care decisions regarding the person’s end of days treatment in a hospice setting.

Pain Management in Hospice Care

Hospice personnel who work with pain management are able to manage symptoms such as pain and anxiety that is experienced by the hospice patient. This pain management care is provided under the supervision of the patient’s physician. The prescribed medications are tailored to the patient’s individual diagnosis or condition and are designed to keep the patient comfortable and relaxed. Dosages may be adjusted as needed, and hospice professionals make frequent visits to the home to assess the response of the patient, as well as monitor the patient for any changes in the person’s condition. These professionals also provide training and support to the patient and family members.

Respite and Inpatient Services

During a terminal illness, a patient’s family or significant others may need an occasional break from the pressures of the necessary round-the-clock caregiving schedule of a patient when the person is staying in the home. Respite care is designed to provide the caregivers of hospice patients a well-needed break from the stressors of providing care to the hospice patient. In this case, it means that a hospice patient may be transferred to an inpatient respite care facility temporarily for care to allow the caregivers or family members caring for the patient some time off from those care duties. Our hospice service can arrange this transfer in order that family members can use the time to deal with personal business, work, or other issues that may arise. Inpatient care services are also available for times when it has been difficult to manage pain at home, or when more complex care is needed to stabilize the patient.

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