About AmeriPrime Hospice LLC

Hospice Care At  Ameriprime Hospice, our goal is to make sure our patients and their family members receive excellent service through compassionate care with dignity and respect. Our team of professionals, including the Interdisciplinary Team, understands the importance of delivering the most efficient service and highest quality medical care for our patients, as well as spiritual and psychosocial support for our patients, caregivers and their family members. We design our services to be relevant in response to the holistic needs of our patients, caregivers and families while respecting individual choices, values and beliefs. We pride ourselves in upholding our commitment to the members of the community we serve by continuously being responsive to multicultural and changing needs of the society.

About the Company: Ameriprime Hospice

Our Philosophy of Care Our team will show support in meeting the wide range of needs, from managing patients’ pain, easing anxieties to either the patient or family members, to counseling on making decisions about hospice care. We also ensure that the client is made aware of his or her Bill of Rights. Read more Mission Statement We are committed to honor life with dignity, give quality care and extend comfort in order to ease the burdens of all patients, caregivers and families to endure the challenges of a serious and progressive illness. Read more Our Patients We outlined a set of health conditions or recommendations that will be made by the physician in order for the client to be admitted to hospice care. Read more The Patient Benefit Ameriprime Hospice provides Medicare benefit coverage that would cater to the needs of the patients receiving hospice care without deductions or co-payments. Read more The Place of Patient Care Because hospice care is a type of service (not the location) provided to the client, Ameriprime Hospice will respect the preferences of the client or family members as to where they wish to receive hospice services. Hospice care may be provided in the home, in the skilled nursing facility or any similar setting.Read more